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Initial Impressions

Weight: 258.0 lb

So, after just one day of working the Weight Watchers system, my first thought is “how did I survive for so long without a smart phone?” I have a WW app on my iPhone that pretty much does everything for me just short of cutting up my food! It’s good- real good. It even helps me monitor my water intake, which I means I have to pee pretty much constantly. Ah, the seedy dark underbelly of dieting. And I bought these handy dandy serving spoons made by the good folks at WW, which look pretty AND help you know how much potato salad you just doled out for yourself. Those WW geniuses think of everything!

My second thought is that dieting is not that bad- yet. My hubby vowed to eat whatever I ate for dinner (just more of it, really) and last night I made this delicious recipe from Gina’s Skinny Recipes. It was FABULOUS! It was great for NON-diet food, let alone for something worth only 4 points! I could have had two, but I was content after one and I wanted to save my points for my ice cream. Yep! I get to eat ice cream! Edy’s makes these little snack cups of their lower calorie, but still super yummy, slow churned ice cream. Turns out, each one is only 4 points. I think I’m gonna have to stock up on some more, because my hubby, who previously showed no interest in ice cream or any ice cream related products save milk shakes, can’t keep his paws off them either. Must be their cute little size!

My third thought is that exercise isn’t TOTALLY hard to come by, though, for me anyway, it’s never really fun. I mowed the lawn yesterday for my hubby since I got done my training class early and he was having a rotten day at work. This took up the time I would have spent going to the gym, which would have given me more activity points, but I still got 2 points for  my good deed. Today I plan to walk the dogs AND go to the gym. Tomorrow the scale might read 3 more pounds lost!

Which brings me to my last thought- weight fluctuates at an annoyingly often rate. This morning, I woke up early to kiss my husband goodbye for a golf trip (hard life, I know) and the scale read 258.0. Then I went back to bed, weighed myself when I woke 2 1/2 hours later and the scale read 256.8. Hmmm, how did I lose 1.2 lbs? Slept light dreams? So I’m going to stick to weighing myself regularly, because it gives me motivation (if I just wait until the WW weigh in, I sometimes lose track of where I’m at and then I’m all bummed at the weigh in and unmotivated). BUT I will not weigh myself multiple times a day, just once when I wake up. I think this will be a good strategy.

Now off to the gym- wish me luck!



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5 thoughts on “Initial Impressions

  1. Momma Foster on said:

    So cool—love reading your writing! And yes, you still do need to do more of that;-) You’re good at it!!!

    But onto the blog stuff;-) First, thanks for the link to the recipe website—it does sound yummy. I am gonna try that one. And I also got the WW measuring tools…neat way to serve those 1/4c, 1/2c and cup portions without it feeling like you’re always dieting!

    Let me know how I can support you darlin’….Cheering for you!

  2. Kathie on said:

    I’m loving this blog, thank you. This topic has been a focus of my life, off and on, an integral part of my life journey. In short while I have achieved fitness in my life I have found it difficult to maintain that lifestyle.

    In addition to those “lifestyle” changes that you document so well, I am finding at this stage in my life the big topic for me is awareness. So much of what has gotten me into trouble in the past is subconscious or unconscious black holes. That’s where I do stuff I don’t want to do and can’t explain why I am doing things that work at cross purposes to my goals. Friends, this is not all intellectual. The phrase our host coined “the seedy dark underbelly of dieting” is no joke.

    So, what am I doing about it? I am working with a trainer for the first time. We meet 3 times a week. We use the rebounder trampoline which gives me a chance to develop all kinds of muscles that other wise will waste away with age (fast twitch and balance in particular). We do interval training, weights and the fitness ball. My doctor wants me to walk an hour every day which I really struggle to complete. Not sure why this is so hard for me to accomplish since I really enjoy it once I get out there. I think I am going to start a journal to help achieve perspective and insight. Oh and I am doing Zumba twice a week which is a lot of fun and a good cardio workout.

    As to diet my doctor of course wants me to stay away from processed foods and especially the white and beige kind, so no breads, potato, rice etc. She wants me to have 120 grams of protein each day which is challenging since I am trying to do that without dairy, lots of vegetables, lite on the fruit, big on fish and lean meats. I like these foods so this is not a struggle.

    I get into trouble in the evening especially with chocolate, the dark kind. I’m pretty good in the day but if I am especially tired in the evening for some reason I lose my mind and walk over to the fridge to see what might be good to eat. That’s a big mistake for me because I completely lose my perspective in those moments.

    I am taking it slowly and trying to be gentle with my self talk as I go through this transformation. If it takes me a year to achieve my goals so be it. I am trying to achieve a lasting lifestyle. In the mean time I am feeling a lot better.

    Good luck to everyone else out there on their own journey. Thank you for posting, we can be a support to each other!

    • I hope we can truly support each other! Dieting and lifestyle changes are hard, but it does help to know that others are working hard right along side ya!

      • Kathie on said:

        On the scale thingy, I wouldn’t give it any power if I were you. Some people say that muscle weighs more than fat but we both know that a pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat. The truth is that as you gain muscle and lose fat the scale can read the same. It can be deceptive. You know you have been exercising and that you are burning calories therefore gaining muscle and losing fat. So just keep doing that. Keep exercising in those ways that you love, in those ways that make you feel good and love your life. In the short term the scale may not show your real progress but you will be losing fat and building muscle!

        In some ways I am glad you didn’t take the scale on vacation. Work your program and exercise. You know you can eat ice cream and cashews, you just have to justify it some way with trade offs and then walk your butt off! On the beach, with your wonderful husband, lovin’ your life! You go girl, you can do this. You are healthy and strong and you have the body of a goddess!

      • Kathie, you are a wonderful cheerleader! You’re right, I do love walking with my husband, and I do love my life. It’s these things I need to focus on, even when the scale goes up OR down.

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