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New Challenges

Weight: 256.8 lb

So, one new challenge I’ve discovered is social gatherings. How do you tell someone that you’d love to try some of their super rich, double-delicious baked beans with bacon and ground beef made from their grandmothers treasured recipe, but they’re 24 points a serving and even ice cream (WAY more delicious) isn’t that many?! These social gatherings are even more challenging when it’s your in-laws… My strategy was to decide in advance the foods I could and couldn’t eat, load up my plate with fruit and then eat outside, away from temptation. This may not be a permanent solution, however, because you can apparently earn the reputation of being anti-social. Ah well, rookie dieter mistakes I guess.

On the up side, I still got to indulged in an Edy’s snack cup when I got home- I could just kiss those kind Edy’s folks. Off to church and then a sensible Fathers Day lunch.



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2 thoughts on “New Challenges

  1. a.smith on said:

    So I’ve been reading your blog this morning and I want to say that (1) you are a great writer. I’d almost forgotten how easily writing comes to you and I’m glad that you have a blog to actually be staying in the habit of it. (2) Thanks for putting this info out there and know that I’ll be reading even if I don’t comment. (3) I’m doing Weight Watchers too! Maybe I’ll use my blog to post updates on my all my hard work and progress from time to time… or at the very least I’ll check in with you to talk about how it’s going. I love you! Keep up the good work and when you get discouraged just pick up the phone and call.

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