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First Week- Monday

Weight: 256.8 lb

So, my first thought when I weighed myself yesterday was, “Wow, that 256.8 number must have actually been accurate! It showed up again today!” My first thought when I weighed myself today was “256.8 again? Must have been the wine…” And it is true that I consumed two glasses of the tasty, tasty adult beverage and then had a light beer on top of that (a girlfriend of mine was having a particularly crappy night, so wine and a chick flick seemed the only logical thing to d0). But, on WW, you have these weekly “flex points”, for lack of better term, which allow you to splurge a bit on something even after your daily points allotment is up, so I was following the diet rules. AND I was particularly proud of the way I handled Father’s Day lunch at a bar/grill my dad really likes, but my waistline really doesn’t (I looked up the menu online in advance and decided what entree I’d order based on the points value, and then never looked at the menu to be tempted otherwise- smart huh?)

So I don’t think it was my “out of control” eating that lead to no weight loss whatsoever. Could it be that I didn’t earn any activity points yesterday at all? I mean, it WAS Sunday and that IS most people’s “off” day, but I could have walked the dogs or something. Is that it?

But then I realized that just because the number on my scale has dropped every morning for the last 5 mornings and today developed a major case of rigor-mortis doesn’t mean that I did something wrong. I mean, at least the number didn’t go UP! And, what’s more, I’m inclined to believe that these initial fluctuations in my weight had more to do with toxins in my body or water weight than actual weight loss. I have a feeling that I’m starting to hit the point where the rubber actually meets the dieting road and that from here on out I’ll actually have to earn my losses on the scale. Fun fun.

On that note, I better finish my coffee and head off the gym- wish me luck!



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3 thoughts on “First Week- Monday

  1. Way to go! You’re doing a great job of being consistent; it’s often hardest in the beginning I think. It can be so easy to be frustrated with a zero weight loss on the scale, but you will be glad you kept going sooner or later. (I’m hoping for sooner!) I’m cheering you on and have even added you to my Google Reader to keep up with your blog that way. 🙂

  2. Brie Foster on said:

    good luck 🙂

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