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First week- Wednesday

Weight: 256.0 lb

Last night was my first real WW meeting in a long time. Though I signed up on Friday, I didn’t hang around for the whole meeting, but last night a friend of mine wanted to sign up herself so we weighed in and waited for the meeting. Did I mention that we weighed in? Though the meeting was good, this weigh in was really the focus for me. I wasn’t nervous before I did it, but it was all I could think about after I’d done it.

According to the WW scale, I hadn’t lost a thing. Not an ounce, let alone a pound. In fact, according to them, I GAINED half a pound! I was a little mad and more than a little discouraged. And then I went home & weighed myself & realized that it read damn near the same thing. My own scale, which had so diligently weighed me every morning and dutifully reported my weight and kindly read a smaller and smaller number, was a traitor too! I suddenly realized that my weight can fluctuate dramatically over the course of a day. For example, at 9:45 at night after a large dinner, the scale told me I was 6 pounds heavier than it told me I was this morning before I’d eaten anything. Hmm.

So how then am I supposed to get excited over a 2 pound loss when it might just be the shoes I’m wearing, the salad I had for lunch or the freakin’ lunar cycle?! My conclusion is that it is valuable for me to keep weighing myself each day, but it isn’t worth worrying much about until we start getting into larger numbers. We’ll see how this new “don’t worry, be healthy” attitude works out!



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