pounds & persistence

my journey toward fitness and wellness and faith

First week- Thursday

Weight: 256.4 lb

Weight loss can be a scary process. It can be stressful. It can be all consuming. I literally dreamt about weight loss last night, so I know it’s all these things for me.

Last night I couldn’t sleep well. I was exhausted, but I slept shallow sleep and kept waking up consumed with thoughts about WW points and recipes and sensible dinners. It was a long night, but the upside is that my unconscious brain processed some delicious new recipes I can’t wait to try and I awoke with lots of passion for continue persistence and fewer pounds. Wish me luck!



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One thought on “First week- Thursday

  1. Brie Foster on said:

    I can relate to the constant stress of weight loss! I weighed myself mid-week and now I’m afraid of what the scale will say on Sunday morning. I guess we just have to keep plugging along in our fight to be fit and healthy 🙂

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