pounds & persistence

my journey toward fitness and wellness and faith

First week- Friday

Weight: 255.4 lb

Tomorrow we leave for the beach, so today is a madness of preparation. In fact, I’ve been preparing little by little all week, crossing various tasks off my list. Foremost on my list was the hunt for a cheap yet flattering swimsuit. If you are also a “plus sized” gal, you know that this is no easy hunt. Last year, I wore a very pretty pool blue tankini top with a pair of navy blue bottoms I had from a previous summer. The tankini had a cross-over design on the bodice and provided a lot of support for my bust, which can be ample when you’re over 250 lbs. It could be worn strapless, but with my rather large chest I wore the halter strap. I would have worn this great tankini top again, but sadly the clasp on the removable strap broke making it just a removed strap and, as I previously mentioned, I don’t do strapless. So I hunted high and low for a replacement tankini. And low and high. And I finally found THE EXACT suit at Target, only in a dark green with white polka dots. And it was in my size! Perfection.

So now I’ve got my new suit all packed and my sunscreen ready and I’m feeling beach ready!



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