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Beach week- Day 2

Weight: unknown

Being Beach week, and therefore a vacation, I made big plans to lay by the water (pool, ocean, sprinkler, whatever was readily available), soak up some sun and catch up on all my reading. So, naturally, I purchased Glamour magazines Beach Edition and parked my butt in a lounge chair. Today I read an interview in Glamour with Ginnifer Goodwin, the cute brunette starring in that new movie with Kate Hudson about stealing her fiancé. Anyway, Jennifer mentioned how she had told the press that she had been on WW since elementary school and she was shocked by the backlash against her because of it. I have a few thoughts on this (of course).

My first thought is that elementary school seems YOUNG to be worrying about your weight or diet. I think this is what the press reacted to as well. I mean, at the tender age of 9, shouldn’t you be worrying about your kickball game at recess and the kid who keeps putting boogers on you in gym class, not pounds and calories? But then I considered the childhood obesity rates in this country and Jamie Olivers crusade against public school lunches and WW’s focus on healthy eating and thought, well, maybe that’s not SO bad…

Which brings me to my second thought, and Ginnifer Goodwin’s thoughts as well- WW isn’t a diet so much as it is a lifestyle change. Her point was that those who criticized her didn’t understand that WW isn’t about limiting your calories or starving yourself to get thin but more about making healthy eating choices and learning to value movement and exercise more. And this is what will make the program work, as long as you work it. So, in some ways, I’m proud of Ginnifer for admitting that she has to watch what she eats, but standing adamantly behind the decision not to crash diet or starve herself. It’s not easy, but it is about a lifestyle change and I’m hoping I can make a lasting one too.



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One thought on “Beach week- Day 2

  1. Brie Foster on said:

    I love Ginnifer Goodwin! that’s all 🙂

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