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Beach week- Day 5

Weight: unknown

I’ve fallen off the wagon. I haven’t tracked a point in 2 days. I’ve been watching what I’m eating, for the most part, and making smart choices where I can, but I can’t always cart my iphone with my WW app and points tracker to the beach or pool side or to every meal like I do at home. Also, there are the white chocolate macadamia nut cookies my sister-in-law made and I don’t really WANT to know how many points those are (I’ve had 3. Today. For breakfast.) Still, there are some victories- yesterday, at the movies, I ordered pretzel bites with mustard and a coke zero, which served as my smart(er) concessions choice and my lunch. Yay me! And frankly, I may weigh a pound or two more when I come home (depending on how bad for me those cookies actually are), but it IS vacation and I only do this once a year. Que sera sera!



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3 thoughts on “Beach week- Day 5

  1. Brie Foster on said:

    I’m so glad you posted today, I was waiting for it 🙂
    Your right, vacation does happen once a year and 1-2 lbs is not a lot in the grand scheme of things. Sorry your feeling blue. Love you

  2. Momma Foster on said:

    Hey—-as I was typing in the title to this blog, I thought, yup….that’s just what it takes PERSISTENCE. Tenacity is not easy to “work up” especially when our emotions can so twist us away from the direction we want to go. I know it’s hard. But if anyone can do it, you CAN. You’re one tough cookie and when you decide you want something it happens. Just remember that this, like your education or make your home your own or anything you’ve had to work at for a while, is worth it;-) Believe in you baby!

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