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Home, Sweet Home

Weight: 255.8 lb

Ah, home. With all it’s familiarity and comfort. And it’s scale.

I weighed myself this morning with a sense of dread, sure that it would read something awful after the cashews and ice cream of last week (I even had a Chipwich from the Ice Cream man as he drove through our beach house neighborhood- gulp!). I was sure that I would really be paying for last weeks indulgences this week. But the scale didn’t really move. Not that far anyway. Not really up OR down. Just, the same. Hmmm…

I noticed some other things, other penalties, if you will, for my indulgent eating. My stomach hurt. I didn’t feel well by the end of the week, and not just from the monthly gift that crept up quite unexpectedly from Aunt Flow that week. I was out of my groove. And, oddly enough, I missed my groove. But maybe these intangibles are the pay off I should be focusing on instead of just the cold, calculating scale. Maybe feeling better and having more energy are a bigger pay off than tiny numbers. Or at least they’re SOME of the pay off.

My next goal is to get in better shape. Last night, after our scrumptious dinner, My husband and I went for a walk with the dogs around the neighborhood. We climbed a fairly decent hill and Wyatt, our Beagle/Basset Hound mix, had to practically pull me up the crest of it as I huffed away at the end of our caravan. It was really sad. And embarrassing. My husband, despite being a pretty heavy smoker for 12 years, does not have this issue and so I was struggling to pant quietly and glisten discreetly so as not to embarrass myself more. Have you ever tried to sweat discreetly? It doesn’t work. And I thought I might pass out from all the little, shallow, breath with your nose, huffs I was trying to take. I need to be in better shape. I need to walk up a hill at a wandering, sniffing dogs pace without needing a gurney to pull me home. This week, we’re looking into a bike.



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2 thoughts on “Home, Sweet Home

  1. Kathie on said:

    What’s going to be so sweet is the day you guys take that walk again and you are not breathless. Don’t forget this moment because you will want to congratulate yourself for making wonderful progress…and the day will come!

    • You’re so right, Kathie, that day will truly be sweet! I am looking forward to all the things I’ll be more fit to do once I’m in better shape. Even simple things, like hauling the vacuum upstairs! I am trying to keep that day in my minds eye to draw motivation- thanks for the reminder and the encouragement!

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