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Happy 4th of July!

Weight: 255.8 lb

In the US of A, the 4th of July is a big deal. It’s Independence Day. It’s a day to eat, drink and celebrate being free of those pesky British. And it’s a day to eat decadent foods and put on some pounds. But me, I can’t afford to put on any pounds or eat any decadence, as I already did that during Beach Week last week. Well, actually, looking at the scale this morning and yesterday morning, it appears that the damage done at the beach hasn’t shown up in actual scale numbers yet, but I have this dreadful feeling that it will. So I need to be sensible today and not give myself any more free passes. This is hard and, honestly, I really don’t want to do it. But that is why I titled this blog Pounds & PERSISTENCE.

My mom commented on one of my posts recently. Of course you expect your own mother to say something like “You can do it” or “keep up the hard work” because they are, after all, your mother and they do, presumably, have the most invested in seeing you succeed as they did the most work in bringing you into the world to begin with. However, my mom also pointed about the word Persistence in the blog title. It was no accident I picked this name. She knew it. I knew before I began trying to lose weight and get fit that it would take Perseverance and dedication, two qualities that I often lack in respect to weight loss. I knew it wouldn’t be easy and that I would need tenacity on days when I just didn’t feel like dieting or working out or just plain working any more. My mom pointed to this same thing.

Last week was a rough week in some ways. It’s not always easy to spend 7 uninterrupted days with your husbands entire family. And there were certainly days that I lost my motivation, that I didn’t want to work at this weight loss thing any more, that I believed that it was pointless or hopeless or that I was always going to be heavy no matter what I did, so really why work so hard? But today, on the Monday of a new week, I am committing myself to keep trying, to keep working, to show my tenacity, because I promised not only Pounds but also some damn Persistence and I will make good on that promise. So have a happy 4th of July, enjoy your family and friends and even food, but be sure not to give up entirely on yourself or your diet goals.



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One thought on “Happy 4th of July!

  1. Kathie on said:

    I had a great conversation with Brie over Memorial Day. We were talking about the game of golf of all things. At any rate I told her about the moment when the club connects with the ball and you know, in your being, that it is a clear and full drive exactly where you want it to go! What a feeling. Brie said that she had that feeling also in swimming, she knew it on a turn, or on a lap when she knew she was blowing away her competition, she was in her element. I know you know what we were talking about. You have experienced these moments in your life too. This is one of the reasons that movement is cool.

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