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Holidays & Vacations

Weight: 254.4 lb

Holidays are tough for dieters. Frankly, vacation is too. And in the past 10 days, I’ve experienced both.

Both of these events are happy events, celebratory events, lucky ones even, so I feel kinda bad saying any negative word about either. But let’s face it, celebrations often involve food and not all of it good for you. And in our joy, in our celebrating, we don’t always think, or maybe don’t want to think, about our waistline. On these occasions dieting can feel like even more of a drudgery than a delight (although, honestly, I’m not sure it ever truly feels very delightful).

But, dieters, take hope! There are delicious recipes and fun ways to exercise, or at least less painful ones. Yesterday, being the 4th of July, my husband had the day off work and I had the itch to go bike riding. We had been talking about purchasing a bicycle for a while with a bonus check I had received from work and decided, in light of the fantastic Fourth sales, to go ahead and pull the trigger. Which made my husbands trigger finger itch and he ended up with one too. Several hundred dollars later, we were cruises down the bike paths near our home. It was a beautiful day and we had so much fun- and it earned me 7 activity points! We’re biking again today after work and I can hardly wait!

After all this exertion, I was craving something sweet, a nice little reward. I found this recipe for Triple Berry Crisp and whipped some up for desert after our little cookout. I used only strawberries and blueberries, since raspberries can tend to have seeds that get stuck in your teeth, and, honestly, that’s what I had on hand. It was delicious! Then, this morning, I took the suggestion of having some with a little greek yogurt for breakfast- so good! I would definitely make this again… you should try it too! Wishing you the best of luck…







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2 thoughts on “Holidays & Vacations

  1. Kathie on said:

    Nice weigh in! You sound to me like you need to have some fun with this weight loss initiative and I just want to remind you how fun it is to turn the music up and dance like no one is watching! It’s great entertainment for the boys, er I mean puppies, makes your body produce wonderful endorphins and burns a ton of calories. Just dance all over the house, as crazy as you want to be. That’s the kind of “glisten and glow” I’m talkin’ about!

    • Thanks Kathie! I weighed in at a meeting yesterday as well and even their cold scale is recognizing my improvement! You’re right though- it’s a lot more fun to have fun with it!

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