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Happy Friday!

Weight: 254.6 lb

It’s finally Friday and from my working days, those 3 long weeks ago, I remember how wonderful it feels to be approaching the weekend. Of course, for me, this means only 5 more weeks until I head back to school and working full time- I need to use my time well! This last week I’ve been a little unfocused. I wake up in the morning and wander around trying to sort out what, exactly, I should do that particular day. Yesterday it was almost noon before I really got working on cleaning the bathroom! So if I’m going to be at all productive over these few weeks off, I need to start making a list asap. Any suggestions for what should go on this list, other than hitting the gym?



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One thought on “Happy Friday!

  1. Kathie on said:

    Here’s my list for you:
    Spend a day taking pictures
    Go to the aquarium
    Volunteer at the food pantry or some other community service
    Take lots of naps
    Play on a trampoline
    Go to the movies (matinee preferred)
    Update your MP3
    Participate in Community Theater
    Go to the pool
    Go camping in your own back yard
    Write a song
    On a windy day fly a kite
    Blow soapy bubbles
    Stretch a lot
    Read a book for fun
    Surprise Ryan with a picnic lunch
    Catch fire flies in the summer evenings
    Write a short story
    Learn a few new dance steps

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