pounds & persistence

my journey toward fitness and wellness and faith


Weight: 253.0 lb

Today is supposed to be hot. Really, really unbearably hot. And my husband is out working in this heat.

Last week, he went for a bike ride with me after work, because I wanted him to and he wanted to encourage me in my fitness goals. The next day, dehydration hit him so hard he came home early from work and laid in bed feeling, for all intents and purposes, “hung over”. Last Thursday, we were going to go for a ride again, and he just couldn’t with all the heat. Saturday, he was dehydrated and sick again. Not good.

So today, I’ve decided to surprise him with lunch and fluids. I know he’ll be working all over the county and it’ll be hard to find him, but I figured that if I plan, pack a large lunch, and then just set out in my car, I’ll discover him soon enough to eat lunch. This will be my surprise expression of love today. Is there one you can do also?



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