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Weight: 253.8 lb

So, yesterday, according to the scale at my local WW center, I hit my 5 lb milestone. Actually, I surpassed it with a 6.8 lb loss over the last 5 weeks- yay me! And last night, since I had a bunch of extra points and a reason to celebrate, I had 2 glasses of wine with dinner.

At this point, riding the high of a successful weigh-in, I’m feeling pretty good about this process. Two of my sisters are currently doing the Body for Life diet. My youngest sister used this diet after she had her first son and dropped all her baby weight and then some. She looked amazing. And now, after just having her second son 7 weeks ago, I have to say that she is starting to shape up again. However, when we went out the other night, just the 4 of us girls, with two of us on WW and two of us on BFL, I was struck by how many things you couldn’t eat on a diet program like BFL. I mean, you can have ice cream, but only on your free day. And the program gets great results and gets them pretty quickly, all things considered, but you can’t really work the program while you’re pregnant and there are a lot of restrictions. This same sister and I were talking yesterday about how on WW you can really eat anything you want, it’s just a matter of how much you can have and how many points you’re talking about when you eat it. I can have a slice of cheesecake if I want, but I might blow my points for the whole day. Or I can have pasta, but if I choose to make the dish with a high fiber pasta, I can eat more for the same points value than if I make it with regular pasta.

I like this system, because it teaches me to shift the way I look at food. There aren’t “good” foods and “bad” foods, there’s just food and some of it does more for your body, gives you more bang for your buck, than others. You usually know the bang for your buck foods because they’re low points. Most fruits and veggies, for example, are 0 points- you can eat cart-fulls and not earn a single point. So, this encourages you to snack on these fruits and veggies and therefore re-charge with food that benefits your body. But you can still eat ice cream and have a glass of wine! I think this is important for me in order for me to truly make this a lifestyle change- this ability to still indulge in the foods I enjoy, within reason, whenever I want them. I don’t have to save them all up for a “free day” and then go hog wild- that didn’t work for me and I “cheated” a lot as a result. I’m hopeful that the WW approach to food and the activity will continue to resonate with me and I’ll be able to shed even more pounds. I’m halfway to my 5%- I can’t wait to wear my WW pin!



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2 thoughts on “Success…

  1. Brie Foster on said:

    WAY TO GO! So excited for you, keep up the great work 🙂

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