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Weight: 253.8 lb

So, I seem to be at a small stalemate with my weight loss this week. The last several days, my weight has been exactly the same when I weighed in. Hmmm. And at night, I’ve been super desirous of snacks, even low point snacks, like skinny cow ice cream or 100 calorie packs of chocolate covered pretzels, or both, which is what I had last night. It’s kinda been a snack-fest really. Even though my dinners are plenty large enough, ample and filling, I still want something to munch on at 9 pm. This probably isn’t helping me lose any weight.

And then there’s my activity this week. I’ve diligently stuck to the personalized training plan given to me by the trainer at my gym, so I lifted weights and did cardio Monday, Wednesday and this morning, but I wasn’t that active in between. I didn’t ride yesterday, even though my husband did. I didn’t walk the dogs Tuesday, even though I was home all day and could have. This probably isn’t helping me lose any weight either.

But, once again, this is about a lifestyle change, not just a quick fix. It’s ok if I stalemate a little bit. It’s ok if I don’t have activity points for every day. It’s even ok if I snack. As long as I recognize these activities and attempt to improve them, it’s ok. Today I think I’m going to go to the zoo with my sisters and their kids. That will involve a lot of walking and a lot of activity points. Maybe that’s just the kind of thing you do in an active lifestyle that helps you win the stalemate.



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One thought on “Stalemate

  1. Kathie on said:


    This video shows how to add some variety to our walks. You get to look like a goof ball to everyone else while you do the Groucho walk but it looks like fun.

    It’s hot down here so I haven’t been a fan of getting out into the open air for a walk. I have been trying to get to the treadmill instead but haven’t been very successful (2 times this week vs goal of 6!)

    I love the mindfulness that you are demonstrating on your journey. You are doing just great and keeping the lifestyle alive. Glad you took time to go to the Zoo with your sisters and nephews. That’s summer time fun!

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