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Weight 254.8 lb.

Hmmm, the scale hasn’t moved in a downward direction. This is disappointing, because I’ve been to the gym or been exercising every day! I mean, if I’m going to embarrass myself so thoroughly, shouldn’t I have a number to show for it?! I CAN NOT be hitting a plateau at this ridiculous weight- it is simply not possible. But, for the last two weeks the scale really has not budged, despite my working out and eating within my allotted points value. Comments? Suggestions? Points of clarification even? I will not stay at THIS weight forever, so we need a plan people! Help a girl out! I’m sooooo not looking forward to the WW weigh-in in just an hour…



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4 thoughts on “Bummer…

  1. A tremendous congratulations to you. I know how difficult this can be. You will plateau along the way, it is the body adjusting to your changes. If you are not journaling what you eat make sure you begin that. There are websites you can use that makes it easier. As you loose weight you don’t need as much to eat so you might want to cut back on the portions a little. Also as your body builds muscle the weight at first will be slower but soon the muscle you build will help in the burning of calories. Remember your not on a diet you are changing your life. Pray, be patient don’t weigh everyday, and your clothes will let you know. Love Jim

    • Thanks, Jim, for your advice and encouragement! I know you certainly know what you’re talking about. I have been tracking my food with my WW tracker and that’s been helpful. I’ve also been weighing a lot of my food so that I can get accurate points values for my portion sizes, but I need to weigh things more. One of my biggest struggles is approximating portion sizes when I’m out so I can accurately log those in my tracker, but I’m working on it, since most restaurants would frown upon bringing a scale to the table! I love your final advice though- pray, be patient, don’t weigh everyday and let my clothes tell me about my weight loss. I just hope my clothes start speaking up soon! Thanks for commenting, Jim- I miss you!

  2. C.F. on said:

    Hey girl,
    Have you heard for Peak 8 Exercising? I LOVE it. Seriously! Check out this website… it’s one of my favorite go-to websites for health/nutrition.


    I used to do general running. Long distances, long periods of time, different intensities, you name it. I never felt like I was losing anything or getting fitter, other than my lungs and heart. Anyways, I’ve been doing this Peak 8 for a few weeks now (only 20 mins, 3x a week) and the results have been great. I’ll admit I don’t have that much to lose, but those last 5lbs are notorious for being stubborn. This seems to be doing the trick for me. It’s not monotonous exercising either… same thing over and over. It’s great because it gives me goals to shoot for (last 30 seconds, 4 more bursts to go, etc). I wonder if it would work for you?!!

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