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Weight: 253.8 lb

Ah, breakfast. My favorite meal of the day. I love breakfast and breakfast foods, especially coffee. Since my Keurig, I drink a tremendous amount of it, it seems. And now that I’m working the WW plan, I thought I’d try to cut back on the points consumed in my morning coffee (I know it’s only 2 points, but imagine the food I could actually CHEW with 2 extra points). So I got this new, fat free version of a creamer I’d already enjoyed and very excitedly punched it into my WW points tracker only to discover that… it was the exact same points value as the other, non-diet creamer. Huh?

The only logical explanation to this is that labels lie. Or that fat free isn’t the only thing that’s important when cutting calories. In fact, the carbs and sugars in both the fat free creamer and the original creamer are exactly the same AND the fat free creamer has only 10 less calories, which kinda makes the fat free creamer no better for me, or at least no less points. In fact, the skinny version of this creamer is only cutting out 1.5 grams of fat, which makes me wonder why it’s labeled skinny at all? I just think it’s funny that we have had such a fat-free/low-fat food craze in this country (it was just before the high-protein food craze, remember?) when actually you’re probably saving yourself hardly any calories or grams of fat and it’s actually not helping you in the ways you may think.

On the up side, I also discovered that pancakes, which I absolutely adore and which I was sure were at least 5 points a piece due to their sheer deliciousness, are actually only 2 points each, so I can have 3 (seriously, 3!) and my favorite cup of coffee for the 8 points I allot for breakfast. Pretty sweet if you ask me! Sometimes, you gotta love it when labels surprise you.


P.S. The WW weigh-in went OK- lost 0.2 lb. according the their exacting scale. Not great, but better than a gain! It’s only 7 lb. total for 5 weeks of weight loss work, but it’s better than nothing!


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One thought on “Labels

  1. Kathie on said:


    I used to like black coffee…it’s an acquired taste and only the best coffee will be acceptable, black.

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