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10 Pounds?!

Weight: 251.6 lb

Hello readers! If you’ve been reading my posts, heck if you’ve read any previous post of mine and then todays, you may notice that the above number is the lowest number yet that the scale has turned up. I’ve been clawing my way toward weight loss for the last 6 weeks, and this number reflects about 10 pounds lost on my own home scale. I have a WW weigh-in today, however, so we’ll see if their official scale agrees.

In preparation of my weigh-in, I’ve been implementing some strategies- some silly, some serious. The silly strategy is my breakfast, which was delicious and is pictured above. However, peaches and coffee really isn’t a practical breakfast, and I’m aware that such light fare will not satisfy me in the long term, but with my weigh-in just around the corner, I figured something light would hold me over until I could indulge in a real breakfast later. Maybe even at Sam’s Bagels. Yum.

On the serious side, I’ve made a concerted effort to move more this week, and not just at the gym. Though I’ve kept up, for the most part, with my gym workouts, I’ve also tried to incorporate more bike rides and even trips to the pool and another trip to the zoo. And I think these activities will pay off- yesterdays trip to the Baltimore Zoo with my husband, his sisters and my nieces burned 25 activity points according to my WW app! So I’m hoping that I’ll be able to continue to incorporate some of this activity, like walking the dogs or going for a weekend bike ride with the hubby, even as I head into fall and a busy school schedule in just a few weeks! Hopefully this will catapult me to even more pounds shed from the scale… Wish me luck!



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6 thoughts on “10 Pounds?!

  1. Kathie on said:

    What a great number!! Congratulations! I know you are killing it in the gym, too. Way to go.

  2. Woo hoo! I’m so excited for you. I can hardly wait for you to celebrate a 10-pound loss at the WW scale! Keep up the hard work, L.

  3. Kathie on said:


    I found this article that takes us through the first four weeks of a new healthy life style program. Of course I was reflecting on your journey as I read. You are so text book! Right down to the cravings in week two. I think I remember that you discovered those really yummy WW treats that week.

    Lots of good tips, most of which you have already included in your life. You are so smart! The new one that I like is to set my cell phone with 3 hour reminders to have a snack to keep blood sugar steady. I have a tough time with that, I blow by meal times until I am famished and then we know what happens: I could eat the varnish off the kitchen table!

    Hope you have a great week!

    • Thanks for the article! I keep reminding myself that this about a lifestyle change and not about fitting into a dress for an event or slimming down for swimsuit season- in other words I’m trying to make changes that I can maintain for the rest of my life and not just for a few weeks to shed a couple pounds fast. I appreciate all your encouragement- it’s so nice to get a little note that says “you’re doing great” or “you’re so smart”! I’m glad we can make lifestyle changes together!

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