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Weight: 249.7 lb.

First, let me start by telling you how much I love typing a number each morning that’s less than 250 lb. It’s encouraging. And I am so freakin’ excited to think about typing a number that’s less than 235, then less than 220, then less than 200. In fact, when I get to less than 200, I am really going to throw myself a party! But I digress…

The start of school is now just over a week away and because of this, I’ve begun making plans for the fall. I’ve done some shopping, purchasing the necessary school supplies and some not so necessary, but lots more fun, school clothes to ready myself for the changing season. I’ve read or re-read the texts I’m teaching this fall and I’ve started jotting down ideas on video clips and worksheets to use in the text teaching process. So, like any prepared teacher, I’ve begun planning.

But even more important to me than the tests my students will take and the papers they will write, is my commitment to this weight loss journey. And this journey has been plodding along slowly, but surely, as I’ve been losing some small amount every week. It hasn’t been quick and easy, but at least I’ve been losing. But my life is about to get really busy. And I haven’t been that good about going to the gym the last two weeks, when my days are wide open and very available, so how will I find the time when I don’t have any time to spare? This will take planning.

Currently, I’m torn between two good plans. The first is to wake up early, really early, and get to the gym before I go to work. Since I have to be at work by 6:45 am and it takes me about 30- 45 minutes to shower, dress, etc., and since my workout will take 30 minutes if I alternate the cardio and weight lifting days, I should wake up at 5:00 am to be there around 5:20 and begin sweating. That’s early. And a pain in the butt, as I kinda like my morning routine at home. But it’s doable.

Then there’s the after-school plan. This plan again factors in just a 30 minute workout since I will alternate cardio and weight lifting days. But I get out of school at 3:00 pm, supposedly, so the earliest I would be home is 4:00 pm. This is hard on the puppies, who go in their crate at 6:30 am and wait for me to get home to let them out to pee and play. Also, there are often students who stay after for help or meetings scheduled after school, and then there is the copious amounts of copies to make and the long line for these copies, which all mean that I rarely leave at the 3:00 pm quitting time I’m entitled to.

Obviously, neither of my plans is perfect. Obviously, I have some thinking to do and some logistics to work out. But the important thing, I think, is that I’m planning. I’m setting myself up for success by planning out a system for that success. I know I won’t lose the weight I need to by just eating right, I need to burn some calories sweating too. And I know I won’t magically show up at the gym to burn those calories if I don’t plan for it now. Like any good teacher, I’m planning now for the success I want to experience later. I’m putting my health first and making myself a priority and this is a behavioral change to celebrate.



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One thought on “Planning

  1. Kathie on said:

    Lovin’ that number too! You are so wise. You know the saying, “If I fail to plan, I plan to fail” so I am happy to see you visualizing your new life in a few weeks.

    I would just throw out there that a good walk at lunch counts too. In fact if you only walked a good 45 minutes each and every day it would serve your weight loss plans nicely, and you could sleep in, attend to the puppies etc Toss a few hand weights into your satchel and you are good to go.

    Then if you really wanted to you could spike your week up a few times with a workout at the gym. Just some alternatives to noodle over.

    Have you heard about the 10,000 steps a day program? You wear a pedometer and your goal is 10,000 steps a day. I’ll bet you walk a lot at school and don’t even give it a second thought. Then toward the end of the day if it looks like you are going to fall short of your daily goal you can go out and take a walk to get your steps in. It makes you think about taking the steps instead of the elevator and parking as far away from the building as you can just to get those extra steps in for the day. All of the these small changes add up and you don’t have to throw your daily routine that you love over board.

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