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Recipe Sharing

Weight: 248.4 lb

How cute is Selah Ward? It’s the last week of summer vacation and yesterday I awoke early to sweat it out in the gym, so today I lounged late in bed and watched Rachel Ray’s talk show. It was wonderful, in no small part due to Selah Ward and her adorableness! Did you know she’s from Mississippi? Did you know she has a parkway named after her in her hometown? Did you know she vacations there with her family every year because she wanted them to have hometown values and talk to people who just wanna chat with you because they’re friendly, not cause they want something from you? I was smitten. I also thought it was adorable that she doesn’t feel confident in her cooking skills, and I can relate.

Recently, I’ve been trying a variety of recipes from various websites to keep my points low and help my weight loss. Usually, my husband is very supportive & complementary about my cooking, praising my meals. Last night, however, he was not feeling the love on my spinach baked ziti (I think it was the spinach) even though I thought it was delicious. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find time to keep experimenting and improving my cooking repertoire even as school starts back up again and time is precious. Any meals you’ve made lately that were particularly yummy? Any suggestions for new, healthy recipes? Sharing is caring!



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2 thoughts on “Recipe Sharing

  1. Kathie on said:


    I liked some of these salads and I was thinking of you as you go back to school and have to pack lunches.

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