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Weight: 245.4 lb.

As you may notice, I’ve taken some of the advice given to me and stopped obsessively weighing myself and posting it every day. I like to track my progress regularly and draw fresh inspiration from the number on the scale (you know, like a determination to see it go down) but I don’t want to fixate on that number as my only sign of progress. For example, the number posted above is the lowest weight I’ve ever recorded on this blog- yay me! According to my home scale, I’ve weighed in at some version of 245 for threes consecutive days now, so I’m finally starting to believe that I may have actually lost 16 pounds this summer. This is an accomplishment and I kinda want to tell everyone about it- friends, family, blog readers… even complete strangers who may have the misfortune to ring me up at Target where I’m buying a top just one size smaller than I previously bought! I’m obviously, and I think deservedly, excited. 

But even more exciting are the other changes I’ve noticed. For example, I’m beginning to get used to the concept of exercise and incorporate time at the gym with less protest from my body and view movement at home (walking the dogs, riding my bike, etc) as another opportunity for activity and fitness. This is a positive change. Also, I’ve begun to look at food differently. I hardly ever drink any more and abstain from sodas and frappuccino’s, preferring to eat my points, not drink them. Yesterday, I ate out for all 3 meals and I noticed that the foods I’m choosing in restaurants is different too- egg white omelet with mushrooms and tomatoes for breakfast, fruit on the side, a whole wheat turkey wrap with avocado and no mayo for lunch, and a grilled tilapia over linguine and Caesar salad with dressing on the side for dinner. It wasn’t hard to order lower point menu items, they all tasted great, and I was more than satisfied when I was done. The friends I was dining with for each meal didn’t poke fun at me and I felt confident in my choices because I’ve started to look at food differently and figure out which things are good for me and which things I should eat in moderation. I still enjoy splurging on an ice cream with friends or splitting a dessert with my hubby, but I track these points occasionally and move on. 

In an earlier blog post, I commented to a friend about my lack of success with the WW program and she made the observation that in reality, it wasn’t that the program had failed me, it was that I had failed to work the program. That observation has been so helpful these last few summer months as I keep plugging away even when the scale doesn’t change much or I am tired of tracking everything I put in my mouth. And, because of that, I’m starting to view  my food and my lifestyle differently. And this change, in my opinion, is really what lasting weight loss is all about. 



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2 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Brie Foster on said:

    way to go! this is a really encouraging post for me to read as I have been majorly struggling with my weight loss. Feeling discouraged; seeing no change, no matter what I do. Thank you for being consistent and honest about your weight loss! I appreciate it and can’t wait to see/hear more 🙂


  2. Kathie on said:

    Ditto with Brie! Way to go! Well over 5%. Good work. Now on to 10%, that magic target that all of the doctors just love!
    And may I say that I just love the wisdom of your post. Great perspective. Fabulous reflection on how far you have come. It is not the number, it’s the lifestyle.
    So proud of you!

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