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Busy busy

Weight: 257.4 lb

So, if you’ve read my blog regularly, you may notice that I took a bit of a hiatus for the last 10 days. That’s a long time for me. Was I on vacation? Nope, I posted to the blog almost every day that week! Was I sleeping late and soaking up the last days of summer? Nope, I posted many a morning after sleeping well after all working folk were clocking in. In fact, my hiatus wasn’t intentional, it was a result of sheer hectic chaos as I headed back to school last week. Each morning greeted me earlier than I had been used to in a while and as I tackled the seeming endless to-do list to get ready for the impending first day of school, I couldn’t seem to find a moment to do much of anything! In fact, my busy schedule affected more than just my blogging plans- I also had difficulty squeezing in a workout. At the end of the long week, I realized that I hadn’t exercised, at the gym, on my bike, in my neighborhood, ANYTHING, all week. I was sure I’d pay for it on the WW scale this weekend, since my numbers at home hadn’t moved much at all.

Thankfully, I was only up .4 lbs in my WW weigh-in, which should be easy to shed. But this crazy week did make me think about all the best laid plans and practicality and how I will possibly squeeze in exercise when my schedule is even more packed with students and papers to grade and lessons to plan! I’m realizing more and more that those who exercise are able to do so because they not only realize that it’s important for themselves and their health, but also because they make themselves and their health a priority, a fixed commitment that they will not mess with. This, for me, is hard. I feel guilty at times making myself a priority, especially when it comes at a potential inconvenience for my family. I think a lot of women feel this way. And it strikes me as oddly sad, since I don’t notice as many men suffering through the same conflict and guilt. So this school year, I need to make a new resolution. I need to decided to prioritize myself and my health and let the chips fall where they may. If other members of my family need to step up and help out, so be it. I don’t have to do it all myself, I just have to take care of myself. This is a resolution I feel I MUST keep.



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One thought on “Busy busy

  1. Kathie on said:

    I’m with you. I agree 100%.

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