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Still here!

Weight: 244.7 lb

Yep, I’m still here, despite Mother Nature’s best attempts! In Maryland, we’ve suffered an extremely rare earthquake (a 5.8 magnitude no less) and then a not-quite-as-rare-but-maybe-more-serious hurricane in the same week. Within just a few days of each other really. So obviously, Mother Nature is having a riotous laugh at our expense, and yet here I am. Still losing weight. Or at least not gaining!

With all the chaos, it was hard to hit the gym, but I did manage to squeeze a few workouts in, keeping to my new mantra of “I just need to make myself a priority!” And, in that same vein, I have also managed to have a glass of wine or two while planning my lessons and a beer or two while celebrating the survival of the first week of school AND all the natural disasters. This, by far, is my favorite part of the Weight Watchers diet- the ability to give yourself permission to celebrate or indulge when needed. I know so many women who’s weight loss plans don’t allow them to have a glass of wine or a small gelato. I’ve tried so many of these weight loss plans myself. I know that restrictiveness is why they didn’t work for me. I also know that the new approach to food I’ve learned following the WW plan has allowed me to take my weight loss setbacks in stride and celebrate my achievements with renewed commitment.

One of these achievements is other people noticing my weight loss. I know it sounds funny to cite other people’s reaction to me as an achievement, but you don’t really notice your body changing when it happens as gradually as it has for me. I have, of course, noticed that I can use the next smaller hole on my belt and that my clothes fit better. But apparently it takes other peoples comments for me to see how over 15 pounds starts to show to others. It makes me excited. It makes me proud. It makes me hungry for 20 pounds, for 30, for 50 even. I’m so excited. And I’m still here, still working at my weight loss until I hit those milestone marks.


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2 thoughts on “Still here!

  1. Way to go babe! Keep up the great work đŸ™‚

  2. http://www.fitnessmagazine.com/recipes/quick-recipes/dinner/seven-easy-slow-cooker-recipes/?sssdmh=dm17.549282&esrc=nwfitdailytip092511&email=540955734

    Thought you might like something yummy to come home to, you know the house smells fabulous as you walk through the door and you don’t have to spend a lot of extra time preparing dinner after work. The recipes look delicious and look like good autumn food too!

    Sending love,

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