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Sore and Psyched!

Yesterday, my sister and I pulled out our bikes, blew the winter dust off them, and set to the task of riding. Today my bum is sore.

We only got 10 miles done. Considering that the National MS Society bike ride in just 3 weeks is 30 miles, this is a little pathetic. But, my bike had two almost flat tires (don’t ask me how, I DID pump them up before we loaded them into the truck) and the 5 miles down the B&A trail we initially rode were grueling. Also, neither of had been on a REAL bike, as opposed to a stationary bike, in a LONG time and the hamstrings were complaining more than a little bit. However, once we had air in the tires and warmed up muscles, the riding was smooth. Not easy, but smooth. My lungs adjusted and stopped screaming. My thighs felt strong and powerful. My seat did not have as much cushion as I would have liked.

Today, my muscles aren’t sore. My legs aren’t cramping. And I bought a pair of padded biking knickers, so I’m psyched! Next weekend, we will pedal 20 miles. We will, very likely, still be the slowest chicks on the trail and, very likely, the obvious rookies, but we will be able to pedal the whole thing with the help of gatorade and chamois padding. And then, in a few weeks, 30 miles! My other two sisters are registering as official race volunteers and crashing with us in the hotel room. My parents are going to get matching jerseys and we will all be registered as a team. I’m getting so excited…

What do you think of the team name “Fab Foster Four”?


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One thought on “Sore and Psyched!

  1. Sheilagh on said:

    Sounds like a blast – and I like the name. You Foster girls are amazing – that’s why I love you all so much.

    Aunt Sheilagh

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