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Grace Finder

A long time ago, before either of our lives had really started happening to us, my friend, Megan Kauflin, and I had one of those big conversations full of heart and emotion and importance. And Megan made a profound comment in that conversation that has stuck with me through all these years of distance. Megan said that she wanted to be a “grace-finder”. This meant that she would perfect the art of seeing grace in others around her, maybe even in people that didn’t see grace in themselves. That she would hunt for this grace, and identify and praise this grace, to encourage the people around her and give glory to God. I was really moved by this idea.

There are all sorts of secular, meaning non-religious whatsoever, ways to do this. You can be a positive person. You can encourage people. You can be friendly. You can be a ready volunteer, a constant support and a true friend to those around you. And I feel like I’ve tried really hard to be this way over the years. But I also want to be a grace-finder, and so I’ll take this opportunity to be that now.

This is my wonderful husband, reading his Bible and Bible study book from our weekly Bible study at church. That we attend. Together.

Things sure have changed a lot in our house. He reads the Bible. He reads books about the Bible. He recently made a decision to change certain elements of his life based on his own PERSONAL conviction. This is a big deal. He is more generous, with his time, with his money and with his opinions of others. He is more humble. He is less angry. And he was pretty damn awesome BEFORE all these changes! But the best part isn’t the tangible changes I can see in his life, like the praying or the listening to worship music or the desire to know more about God. The best part is that he obviously has a budding relationship with God and this benefits him and his life. HE is happier. HE is more at peace. HE is coming to understand God in a way he didn’t before. This is grace in his life and I don’t want to miss it, not a moment of it.

My husband is probably the best thing that ever happened to me. I’m grateful every day for him (even on lousy days, when we fight or he’s an idiot or I’m impossible to live with). And this growing relationship with God is arguably the best thing that could ever happen to him. So I’m grateful for it, every day. And I want to acknowledge it whenever I can.

Look at me, being all grace-finder-y and stuff!


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3 thoughts on “Grace Finder

  1. megankauflin on said:

    this makes me so very happy 🙂
    we will have to catch up again one of these days…

  2. you’re right…..this one makes me smile;-) Crazy cool how God is so involved and so about working His way through our lives. Grace, good for all who are touched by it!

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